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StrongHolds is a little workshop on the edge of Lancashire run by me, Rick!

I've been climbing for almost 20 years, all over Europe, but nowadays you can mostly find me holed away in a Lancashire quarry somewhere, probably  bouldering, probably crimping away on some forgotten wall in the corner. Either that, or under the woody...

I've also been making things out of wood for donkeys years, and in 2018 the two passions collided. I started making holds on the lathe and I still try to incorporate  domes and curves where I can, to produce distinctive and unique holds that look as good as they are to train on. 

I've incorporated a variety of other shapes and hold designs to provide all options to climbers wanting to get stronger on their board. 

Strongholds is run in a straightforward and honest way, and if you have any specific requirements, please get in touch, if I can help out, I will!


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